Jan Boon & Annita De Blander


Hi Andrew,

We got safely home. Getting ready to get to our normal living days of working.

I enclose a photo of ours after the chimp trekking. I will try to send you a film of the fighting chimps.

For the rest there is not much to tell. After long emailing we agreed to a certain program, which in our eyes was the best one could offer. And yes indeed we are completely satisfied with the whole trip.

We were also very lucky in our game viewing. We saw the tree climbing lions two times and a lions cup, very cute indeed. Our chimp trekking fulfilled our utmost expectations. We were so lucky observing them.

The Gorilla trekking was so amazing. I have no other word to express more to my feelings being next to these giant creatures. The visit of the Batwa and the orphanage were also nice highlights.

As for the accommodation we loved most the Gorilla mist camp and the chimpanzee guest house. The Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp has a splendid surrounding but the personnel seemed so shy.

Rwanda is a place to get to know but Uganda is really a discovery. For wild game it can easily compete with Kenya and Tanzania but for feel good it is the top! We find Uganda a top destination as for the friendliness and feel at home. We never had the feeling of being unsafe or ripped off by any-one. We would recommend your country to any adventurous and curious traveler.

As for our guide Andrew Nsubuga, we have feelings of real friendship to him. He can stay any time at our humble home. He made this trip. Always on time, always giving the correct info as for the animals and birds in particular. He is a walking bird encyclopedia. Even my wife is starting to get real interest in birds and this after all my efforts in vain!

We thank Primate safaris for this, one of our best trips ever and we do have made many. J

Best regards

Jan Boon & Annita De Blander

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