Dear Andrew,

Some words from our last trip. It was a short trip but it was worth it. The Nyiragongo is a must when you are in for adventure and fit to climb. It was not as cold as expected!

I have travelled around but this must have been The highlight of all I’ve seen! Being in Congo in Goma was for me a dream come through! As a Belgian and with parents who were 3 years in Congo I was always curious to meet the Congolese in their home land. I must thank you for organizing this in a very short time and it was well organized!

Once again I am very pleased with the services rendered. Andrew stays the top, also when we had to add an extra day due to a full flight.

Making new arrangements always gives food to discussions and we came to a real good agreement, making our extra day in the Akagera park a success.

We spotted a leopard and a hippo out of the water among-st a lot of other game.

Many regards

Jan Boon § Peter Boon

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